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Custom Creations 


Tailor Made, Exquisitely Costumed Entertainers

for Event Organisers wanting to have their own Creative Ideas brought to Life


Can't find what you're looking for? We'll make it for you!


Queen of Hearts Design Illustration
Queen of Hearts Stilt-Walker


Know exactly what you want but no-one seems to have it?

Or have you found something similar but it isn't quite up to standard?


That's no problem at all! 


Whatever your idea is, and whether you have an initial concept or have it planned down to the last tiny detail, the Lily la Mer Ltd. Costuming team will help you to bring your vision into reality, perfectly matched to your needs and the requirements of your event. 


Many of the costumes that you see on this site, including the full Alice in Wonderland set and the Flower Stilt Walkers, originally started life as custom commissions for clients just like you. They had a vision, and we helped them to bring it to life. 


Create the greatest possible impact at your event with brand new costumed characters that have never been seen before!

Flora the Flower Stilt Walker Design Illustration
Flora the Flower Stilt Walker

“From all of the committee of the St John's May Ball, a huge thank you to the team at Lily la Mer who helped us put an unusual and eye-catching twist on our Entertainment this year. The stiltwalkers themselves were punctual, friendly, and highly professional, and required little maintenance for their two-hour performance. Many guests were intrigued and impressed with the pair, with lots of people stopping to take photos of them... exactly the impression we were hoping to make with that given court. Overall,  I would encourage future Ents officers at any May Ball to consider hiring them.

Thanks again!”


Zara Milner, St John's College May Ball, University of Cambridge, UK

Create the Perfect Entertainment for your Event



Looking for a Custom Built 

Set or Themed Installation?


Get in touch now to

 discuss your ideas

Garden Aerial Nymphs Design Illustration
Garden Aerial Nymphs Completed Installation

Background Image © Julian Johnson, Queen of Hearts Sketch © Francesca Dubery, 

Queen of Hearts Image © Christine Cross, Flora Sketch © Francesca Dubery, 

Flora Image © Vanessa Mills, Aerial Sketch © Francesca Dubery, Aerial Image © Christine Cross 

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