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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Welcome to the terrifying world of Wonderland gone wrong!


Did Alice go the wrong way down the rabbithole? Or maybe she drank the wrong potion by mistake? Something has gone horribly wrong in Wonderland!

Once a peaceful bedtime story for children, now only adults dare enter Dark Wonderland.... although they may soon regret it, as they are gleefully kidnapped by the manicially smiling denizens of this chaotic fantasy.

Make your guests scream with laughter and question their sanity...

Will they survive the bloodthirsty rages of the Red Queen?

Will they be driven mad just like Alice?

There's only one way to find out!

"From preliminary meetings right through to the dazzling performance on the night of the Ball, Frankie and her team were consistently both friendly and professional.


Every event coordinator in search of high-quality entertainment should work with Diamond Rose - we really cannot recommend them enough!" 

- Rebecca, Entertainment Officer, Clare College, University of Cambridge UK





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