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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Meet the beautiful Flower Nymphs! 



Welcome to a beautiful world of magic and wonder, where the Flower Nymphs dance in their blossum-twined aerial hoop!


A stunning centrepiece that combines performance and decoration, this flowery aerial installation is an enchanting way to entertain roaming guests and make sure that they take lots of memorable photos of your event.

Perfectly suited for both adults and children, the Flower Nymphs aerial installation is a sophisticated and elegant way to create magic and wonder. The rig can be set up indoors or outdoors, and can vary in height to suit your space.


 "Mr and Mrs Flora performed at the Kent County Show in July 2017. The costumes were beautiful and we received fantastic feedback from our visitors. The team were easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a unique feature at their events."


Hannah Stimpson - Executive PA



Bottom Image © Elena Isac Photography & edited by Alexander Stevenson

All other images © Jon Pittman edited by Francesca Dubery

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