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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Meet our beautiful Flower Dancers! 


Mesmerise your guests with the beautiful Flower Dancers.

Draped with highly realistic, scented silk flowers, these spell-binding forest nymphs have danced their way out of a fairytale and into your event! 


You can choose to have our Flower Dancers use fluttering silk Fan Veils, an ivy-wound Hoop or just their elegant dancing to entertain your guests. 


“It is with great pleasure that we recommend Diamond Rose Entertainment for the excellent quality and professionalism with which they work. The festival of Ideas is an annual event celebrating the arts, humanities and social sciences in Cambridge. The promotional event for the festival that we worked on with the team went on very smoothly without a hitch. This was mostly due to the high level of professionalism offered by the entire team. They were creative in their approach towards the idea we presented them and executed it with enthusiasm and perfection. All members of the team were extremely friendly and easy to work with on all levels. We are very happy with our experience and won’t hesitate to work with them in the future.”

Malavika Anderson, Festival Co-ordinator, Cambridge University Festival of Ideas

Elena Isac Photography - Floras & Dancer


Top & Bottom Images © Elena Isac Photography & edited by Alexander Stevenson

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