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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Meet our beautiful Real Mermaids! 

Real Mermaid by Diamond Rose Entertainment

Transport your guests into a magical fantasy world with Real Live Mermaids!.

Whether you want just our Mermaid Queen in her stunning tail of individually hand-sewn iridescent scales or a whole group of beautiful Sirens in a fully set-dressed Mermiaid Grotto, we can bring fantasy into reality for you!

Our mermaids have performed internationally from Europe to Australia, in locations as varied as on land, in the sea, aquariums, Giant Martini Glasses and even suspended above guests on Aerial Hoop, so whatever the location of your event we can help you to enchant your guests of all ages with ocean magic. 

We also have our mermaids frequently featured in international press, newspapers, radio and TV so we can help you to make a media splash too! 


"Thank you so much for coming and performing in our mermaid's grotto for our Company Party. Our guests were absolutely spell bound by all your stories and loved playing with all the unusual shells and items of everyday life under the sea which you brought with you. The Mermaid Grotto itself looked amazing and was a fantastic focal point of decoration.

The local media were present at the event and having the spectacle of the Mermaid Grotto meant more pictures were taken and what could have been a short write up became a four page picture supplement in the local news with pictures making it onto other forms of local media, which was incredibly useful for our business. 

Thank you for an amazing performance and giving us a night we'll remember forever. Of all the things we had planned for the party, a mermaid was what everyone was most excited about and you exceeded even our highest expectations." 

- Lois Temel, The Lucie Blackman Trust, Isle of Wight UK 


Top Image © Simon Carter Photography. Mermaid Queen tail produce in-house by Frankie Dubery and her team. Mermaid video filmed & produced by Dagmar Scheibenreif

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