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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Meet the Diamond Rose team!

sksq©Jon Pittman-15.jpg

Hello! We're Alex and Frankie. You'll see more often in costume than in our 'normal' clothes! We are a couple who travel the world together performing at luxury events around the globe.

We've entertained audiences around the world at locations including Kensington Palace UK, the Pearl in Qatar and the Royal Palace of Bahrain, and have been featured extensively in press & TV internationally.  

With over a decade of performance & management experience, you can trust us to make your event entertainment beautiful, high impact and sophisticated. 


Originally known as 'Lily la Mer Ltd' from Frankie's old showgirl name "Lily la Mer", we've rebranded as Diamond Rose Entertainment to recognise the amazing expanded team of performers and costumers who now work with us.

Winter Court performers by Diamond Rose Entertainment


Top Image & winter aerial © Jon Pittman & edited by Francesca Dubery. Bottom image & Harlequins © Simon Carter. Alice in Wonderland images © Christine Cross. Floral images © Elena Isaac edited by Alexander Stevenson.

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