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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Meet our Winter Dancers!



Fluttering in a twirl of silk fan veils and swirling skirts, the Winter Dancers glitter with thousands of crystals and hundreds of glowing lights!

Perfect for Meet & Greet, Walkabout and Parades, the Winter Dancers will smile and twirl their way through your Winter event leaving a trail of happy, laughing guests wherever they go.


Beautiful in daylight and nighttime alike, these sparkling Winter sprites bring joy to everyone from the youngest child to the most sophisticated adult.

"Ultimately Frankie and her team contributed to the great success of our Event- they were innovative, as the company seems to be constantly progressing and coming up with new ideas, reliable and 100% professional- we couldn't have asked for anything more.Thanks to you all- you really added so much to the Event and people couldn't stop talking about how great you were"


- Mimi, Entertainment Officer at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

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Top bottom images © Jon Pittman; edited by Francesca Dubery

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