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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Meet the magical Arctic Mermaid! 

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Dripping with crystals and pearls, the Arctic Mermaid sparkles with Winter magic! Absolutely enchanting for both adults and children, this glittering mermaid is a guaranteed way to make your Winter event stand out from the crowd.

Every scale of her tail is a hand-sewn, iridescent shell sequin, giving an effect like nothing you've ever seen before.... this is the highest level mermaid tail in the UK, a perfect match if you want your event to look elegant and sophisticated.

You can choose to have the Arctic Mermaid in water, in a giant martini glass, on land or even hanging from an aerial net - whatever works best for you!

"The local media were present at the event and having the spectacle of the Mermaid Grotto meant more pictures were taken and what could have been a short write up became a four page picture supplement in the local news with pictures making it onto other forms of local media, which was incredibly useful for our business.


Thank you for an amazing performance and giving us a night we'll remember forever. Of all the things we had planned for the party, a mermaid was what everyone was most excited about and you exceeded even our highest expectations."


- Lois, The Lucie Blackman Trust Winter Wonderland, Isle of Wight UK



Top bottom images © Jon Pittman; edited by Francesca Dubery

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