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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Welcome to the magical world of Alice in Wonderland!


Immerse your guests in the magical land that Alice found in the classic children's tale. With such happy memories of when they went to Wonderland, they're bound to enthusiastically tell all of their friends about your event! 

All the charming surrealism that you want from Alice in Wonderland, presented in a tasteful and elegant way that will reflect beautifully on the quality of your event -  entertainment perfectly suited to kids and grown-ups alike!

Choose whichcharacters suit your event best: Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Alice herself!

"From preliminary meetings right through to the dazzling performance on the night of the Ball, Frankie and her team were consistently both friendly and professional.


Guests at our Alice in Wonderland themed Ball were hugely excited to see a resplendent Queen of Hearts on stilts and enjoyed watching a White Rabbit bounce past on powerizers. 


Every event coordinator in search of high-quality entertainment should work with Diamond Rose - we really cannot recommend them enough!" 

- Rebecca, Entertainment Officer, Clare College, University of Cambridge UK





All photographs on this page are copyright Elena Isaac 2019, edited by Francesca Dubery

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