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Diamond Rose Entertainment

Meet our beautiful Winter Hula Hooper!


Spinning, turning, twisting - crystals twinkle and catch the light with every spin!

If fun is what you're looking for, then our Winter Hula Hooper is for you! Captivating adults and children alike with her incredible skills, you get all the tricks of the circus combined with all the glamour and class of high quality costuming.

Whether you're looking for walkabout entertainment or a stage show, this glittering character has tricks up her sleeve to perfectly fit your event!

"I cannot recommend highly enough booking Diamond Rose for any festive event you are considering. People are still approaching me in the street to discuss the event a year later!"


- Lois, The Lucie Blackman Trust, Isle of Wight UK



Top bottom images © Jon Pittman; edited by Francesca Dubery

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